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New Player Gear FAQ

Welcome to Oak City Lacrosse - Here's what you need to outfit your player.  
Oak City is a full contact lacrosse program and your male player will need all the protective gear that lacrosse players wear.  

From top to bottom

Mouth guard
Shoulder pads
Arm pads
Optional - rib pads  

This short video gives you some good information on the gear for lacrosse. 
Unfortunately this video omits the cup.
Don't make that mistake. Your player NEEDS to wear a cup to every practice and game.  

Where to buy your gear: 
We suggest 3 places: 
Lacrosse Unlimited in Cary - Probably the most expensive, but also has great staff that know tons about the gear your player needs.  
Play It Again Sports in Cary - A great choice if you already know what your player needs and are looking for a good deal on used and previous season gear - TONS of used gear, often barely used.  
Online retailers like are good to check out if you can't find exactly what you want in a local store.  is also a good choice for protective gear and some innovative lacrosse heads and shafts

If you are getting your son their first lacrosse stick, we strongly recommend Stringking, Powell or Rock-it Pocket.  If your player is in one of our Grade 1-6 cohorts. we want your athlete to play with a StringKing Jr, a Powell Jr. or other stick specifically designed for youth players.  Grade school players should not be playing with an adult-sized shaft, the length and diameter do not fit their stature or their smaller hands. for custom pockets in your lacrosse stick 

Helmet- most players wear one of the Cascade models, but other companies also make helmets.  Oak City strongly prefers that your player have a white helmet.  
Mouthguard - a mouthguard that molds securely to the players upper teeth is required.  The mouth guard is to protect teeth from being chipped, broken. DO NOT buy a football/pacifier style mouth guard. This style will not allow your player to communicate, which is essential in lacrosse.  We will ask your player to get the proper style if they come to training with a pacifier style mouth guard.  SISU 
Stick - A stick with a good pocket is the most essential piece of equipment.  Many "beginner" sticks do not have a good pocket. StringKing and Powell are two companies we recommend to new players for this reason. 
Shoulder Pads - Shoulder pads will need to confirm to new standards beginning January 1, so it's a good idea to buy new ones, rather than used ones . 
Arm pads - Young players should have armpads that go from the top of the bicep to close to the wrist. Older, experienced players sometimes wear smaller arm guards or  elbow pads.  Youth players  should have their arms fully protected.  
Gloves - Lacrosse gloves are required. 
Cup - A hard cup is required for hopefully very obvious reasons
Rib Pads - Some players, especially offensive players, may prefer playing wit rib pads to protect themselves from accidental slashes to the ribs.  
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